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Storybook Journey

We mourn the loss of friend, mentor and SJ creator Sue McCord who recently passed in August 2021.

Louisville Preschool has been using Sue McCord’s Storybook Journey curriculum since its inception in 1993. This model is a literacy-based, emergent curriculum using stories as the springboard for learning.  By pulling themes and concepts from the pages of stories, books are used to engage children in meaningful play. 


Our environments are designed for exploration and discovery, with an ever-watchful eye on the children’s level of engagement with the materials.  Story themes and concepts are woven into all aspects of the classroom/ learning environment, including art, dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives, games, puzzles, sensory play, and outdoor play.  By infusing story elements into the classroom environment, children are thoughtfully engaged and become story-tellers, actors, and creators.  Success is measured in exclamations of "This is just like in our story!" as children engage in meaningful play in learning centers that mirror the pages of a storybook.  

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