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About Us

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The Louisville Preschool was founded in July of 1993 with a vision and a sublease agreement with a local dance studio. Founder and Director, Kathy Krajewski, joined with Jan Ferrari to create a place where children could "play, learn, and grow". Their mission was to provide Eastern Boulder County with a small, high-quality part-day program that would support children and their families.


For over 25 years, our preschool program has provided a safe and nurturing environment with a commitment to children’s social emotional development.   At the heart of our play-based program is the concept that children’s natural curiosity and interaction with their environment provides meaningful opportunities for growth in literacy, language, social awareness, cooperation, and compassion. 


Every child is loved, nurtured, and valued for the individual that they are.  Our teachers provide guidance and support as children discover a fascinating world of play and learning.  Our goal is to prepare them socially, emotionally, and academically for a lifelong love of school and learning.

Our preschool is a private non-profit center dedicated to providing a quality preschool program that values play, encourages learning through individual exploration, and promotes positive social, cognitive, and physical growth while having fun.

The Louisville Preschool welcomes staff, students and families of all abilities, gender expressions, religions, races, colors, sexual orientations, and national or ethnic origins.

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Historical Building

The Louisville Preschool school building is an authentic piece of Louisville history!  In 1909, the Denver Interurban Company was formed to provide transportation between Denver and Boulder.  One route came through the town of Louisville, and new tracks were laid.  To go along with the railroad expansion, a train depot was built in 1910 and was called "The Louisville Station."  The station served train crews for over 50 years before being closed in the early 1960s.  It was purchased by the Lions Club in 1962 and was moved to the corner of Lafarge Ave and Pine Ave, where it still sits today.  It became The Louisville Preschool in 1993.


The Louisville Preschool is a partner with Boulder Unified School District as a provider of Universal Preschool.

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"The staff at Louisville Preschool truly care.  They create a safe and welcoming environment where children can progress at their own pace.  Three of our children have been through the program and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.  They still talk about their teachers and all the great times they had!  More importantly for my wife and I, they were prepared for kindergarten, and given the tools to be good little people, not just good little learners."
-Mike M., Parent    
"I must have toured at least 10 preschools and none of them felt right until the Louisville Preschool.  You'll really like the play-based curriculum and the richness of opportunities to discover, investigate and learn.  But what you'll love most is the gentle guidance their compassionate teachers give when helping your child to navigate the emotional/social situations that are so tricky at this age. You'll be so grateful that these amazing women were there helping to mold your child during these precious years and will miss them dearly once your kiddo enters kindergarten.  I couldn't imagine my son going anywhere else. "
-Valerie O., Parent    
"The children from Louisville Preschool are kind, caring, inclusive, and respect diversity in others"   
- Preschool Parent and BVSD Teacher  
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